"Building Hope in the Lives of Others, One Life at A Time"


Who We Are

Who We Are
Mission Statement 

The mission of Building Hope Inc. as a Comprehensive Program is designed to assist displaced single parents with children throughout the Washington Metropolitan area. Bridging the "gap" between displacement to independence. During the period with Building Hope Inc, it is the express goal to provide families with the necessary tools and resources to stabilize the family, then  transitioning the family to independence. 

About Us 

Building Hope Inc. is a  community based organization founded in 2003 by Coressa Williams with a mission to make a difference in the lives of others by offering a positive environment and lifestyle. Over the years, our program has expanded its outreach to add empowerment programs for the children of displaced families as a means to provide exposure and opportunity.  We provide supportive services for more than 500 families in a given year.

Our Program

Building Hope Inc. receive calls from local organizations, Department of Social Services, the faith-based community and private entities identifying a family in crisis and inquiring how a family may receive services provided through Building Hope Inc. We currently offer the following services:


Building Hope Inc. partners with local employers to  assist community residents with employment referrals.  It is essential for all families to be able to become stable and increase in their standard level of living.  

 Furniture Services 

Building Hope Inc. provide NEW furniture from local retailers to families in their housing program.  The furniture becomes the property of the resident upon emancipating from the program.

Supportive Services

Building Hope Inc. had established partnerships with local community schools, churches and other outreach areas and assist in providing monthly household supplies, empowerment events, tickets to major sporting events and other services as needed.

Princess For A Day

Building Hope Inc. host an annual Princess For A Day, which is a program designed to expose girls between the ages of 3-15 with walking the red carpet and being crowned by local pageant winners to understand they are beautiful and wonderfully made. 

Summer Empowerment Program

Building Hope Inc. provides a summer program with weekly field trips, chef classes 101, sign language, Spanish and many other training. 

Dream Project

Building Hope Inc. has just launched the DREAM PROJECT, which is designed to fulfill everyday dreams, for people just like you and I.  If you know of a deserving family with a great story, please submit their story. 


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